May 2018 Update on East Lake Energy May 10 2018

We would like to thank our loyal customers for their business over the years.  As we continue to advance toward focusing solely on our passion for building residential homes here in southwest MI, today we are moving management of our website over to Nature's Comfort LLC located in Shipshewana, MI.  Their phone number is 877-251-7740. Nature's Comfort is an outdoor boiler manufacturer and also sells insulated pex pipe and boiler parts.


Direction change for East Lake Energy February 14 2018

At East Lake Energy, we would like to announce changes that are taking place in our company structure.  Our parent company, East Lake Ltd, a residential home building company that specializes in energy efficient, quality, speculation homes in the Hamilton, MI area is expanding.  Because of this, we will now be spending the majority of our time growing this business.  Due to this change in focus, water to air and water to water heat exchangers, fittings and hanging heaters will no longer be available.  Insulated pipe will still be available.

We would encourage you to contact Badger Insulated Pipe if you need heat exchangers, fittings or hanging heaters.  We have know this company for years and we confidently recommend them: 800-571-7002.

Broeder BN39-20 pump instock! March 27 2017

The popular Broeder 3 speed BN39-20 pump is now in stock again. 

2016 pricing now available! February 03 2016

We have just updated our pricing for 2016 on many items including water to air heat exchangers, hanging heaters, side arms, water to water plate exchangers and the popular Broeder BN39-20 pump.  In contrast to the frustration of ever rising costs of items you need to purchase including equipment to keep your home warm and comfortable, come to East Lake Energy for refreshing new prices.  As always, free shipping is offered on all heat exchangers, hanging heaters and pumps.

New Liquidus pump! December 30 2015

East Lake Energy is excited to introduce the Liquidus high efficiency ECM variable speed circulator pump.  It is perfect for applications that demand a medium head/flow pump such as thermal solar systems and infloor heat systems.  Will also do fine circulating water to and from a typical outdoor wood or coal boiler as long as the head pressure and length of insulated pipe are not excessive.  Minimal power consumption of 45 watts on the highest setting.  This pump will also excel in emergency heating situations where you need to run a pump off an inverter/battery combination to circulate water from your outdoor wood boiler to your home in a winter power outage situation.

Types of Heat Exchangers December 08 2015

Offering Different Types of Heat Exchangers and Other Products

Many items run off of a variety of heat exchangers; these devices transfer liquids either by mixing or keeping them separate to produce heat. Many people are unaware of the various items that require these types of heat exchangers to run efficiently. Everyday items like space heaters, refrigerators and air conditioning units all need a heat exchanger to execute their designed functions correctly.

Heat Exchangers Photo

Types of Heat Exchangers

Due to the numerous applications of heat exchangers, different designs are available depending on application. A plate type heat exchanger is commonly used in heat and cooling units. These thin plates are slightly spaced to allow small fluid flow over a wide plate base for the transfer of heat. These heat exchangers handle temperature variations efficiently and perform better in a closed loop application. The plates can be flat, stamped with chevron patterns, or rippled based on how the plate is to pass liquid to produce heat or refrigeration.

A tube type heat exchanger is another type that performs as both a heating and cooling element. Tubes separate two types of fluid to either cool or heat a liquid using heat transfer. This type of heat exchanger is typically used with an outdoor wood boiler to heat domestic water or heat a pool or hot tub. 

A third type of heat exchanger is the water to air heat exchanger. These take water and pump it through lengths of tubing surrounded by thin metal fins.  A fan is used to extract the heat and blow it into the space needing heat.  A car's radiator is a classic example of a water to air heat exchanger--two liquids work together to cool or heat the engine while the vehicle is running. These liquids keep the vehicle from overheating in warm weather and allow the engine to heat quickly in cold weather. Grocery stores and other places use large hanging heaters at their entrances to blow warm air when the doors open to help dispell the cold air rushing in and also help warm customers.

Other Applications

A heat exchanger can be added to many different things to heat liquids or to give additional warmth in colder climates. Tube styles heat exchangers can be added to pool filters to help heat a swimming pool, to make the water more enjoyable or to use the pool all year round. This heat exchanger can also be found in hot tubs to keep the water at a set temperature.

Eastlake Energy specializes in heat exchangers for the general public with various types ready for purchase on their website. Customers can count on their knowledgeable and friendly staff to answer all their questions regarding the different types they carry. East Lake's heat exchangers come in a variety of styles and sizes from 8 X 8 to 30 X 30 in water to air and then from 10 plate to 100 plate in water to water. They also carry a wide selection of other products to help customers get the most out of their equipment-- from fittings to insulated boiler pipes, East Lake carries it all in one place for the customer's convenience.  Contact us or visit the website at