Boiler Water Treatment


Nature's Comfort Wood Boiler Treatment. 1 cup of treatment per 100 gallons of boiler water raises the nitrite level 200 parts/million.  Note--Nature's Comfort uses this product for their boilers but this treatment can be used on any steel outdoor wood or coal boiler.  Initial treatment ratios for untreated water:

NCB 80 gal– 0.5gal treatment
NCB 120 gal– 0.75gal treatment
NCB 175 gal– 1.00gal treatment
NCB 250 & GT6K – 1.25gal treatment
NCB 275 gal– 1.5gal treatment
NCB 325 gal– 1.75gal treatment
NCB 400 gal– 2gal treatment

Directions: Add product directly to system. These dosage guidelines are approximate. Many variables such as system size, water quality, water loss, etc. affect chemical level and dosage. Maintain 1000-1500 PPM Nitrite at all times. Add additional product as necessary. Store indoors capped and protect from freezing.

Use the Boiler Treatment Test Kit (BTK10) to test nitrite levels of boiler water.

Note, boiler water treatment adjusts nitrite level, not PH level of boiler water.


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